Jan 152015
Article in the Dereham Times - 15th January 2015.

Article in the Dereham Times – 15th January 2015.

Dereham Windmill Trustees are celebrating the early start of the building of the new Community Hall in the grounds of Dereham Windmill, Greenfields Road, Dereham .  It was originally planned to start building in February 2015 but an opportunity has risen for the local Builder – Robert Norton to start one month early.

The Community Hall will give much needed facilities to Dereham Windmill as well as provide a venue for small meetings and groups to meet, a much needed requirement in Dereham.  Jonathan Burton, Architect, will be acting Project Manager for the Project. The total funding has been achieved by the Charity from Biffa Award, Garfield Weston Foundation, Paul Bassham Trust Fund, Breckland District Council, Dereham Council and money raised by the Dereham Windmill Trustees, ‘Friends of the Windmill’ and Volunteers.
If you would like to know more, please visit – www.derehamwindmill.co.uk or ring 01362 691164