1835 Mill was built in 1836 by millwright James Hardy for Michael Hardy, who was a miller and baker
1844 Mill sold at auction for £650 (reserve £540) Rent £30 per annum. The mill was bought by William Fendick.
1844 – 1909 The mill was owned by the Fendick family.
A steam engine was installed as auxiliary power and mill
operated using both wind and steam power.
1909 The mill was sold to Charles Robert Gray and Arthur James
Milk for £450.00.
1914 – 1918 World War 1, it was used for grist milling, oats, barley
etc. for animal feed including acorns for pigs. Wheat was no
longer milled for flour.
1922 Gray died.
The sails were removed about this time by Percy Bensley (Jack) Fysh of Portland House and the steam engine was replaced by a paraffin engine.
1926 Milk died and the firm was carried on by William Robert Gray, Arthur Payne Milk and Henry Jonas Harding Garlick trading as Robert Gray Ltd.
1937 Mill ceased working.
1949 Mill derelict.
1972 Mill given a Grade II listing.
1977 December: remains of cap frame and windshaft removed.
1978 Mill bought by Breckland District Council from Greens
(Nurseries) Ltd. for £1.
1986 New cap and fantail fitted.
1987 Mill fitted with new sails.
14th September: Mill opened to the public by J. O. C. Birkbeck
2002 Mill taken over by Dereham Town Council.
2004 Tuesday 13th January: Mill lost part of a sail during a gale. 2006 Tuesday 8th August: Sails removed for renovation with
£600,000 Lottery Grant being applied for.
2010 February: Mill to be boarded up and left weatherproof as all
attempts at funding failed.
Oct 2011 – July 2013 Funding organised and windmill underwent further renovation, including replacement sails.
September 2013 Windmill re-opened to public as a “Community Exhibition Centre”.

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