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Community Photo Shoot at Dereham Windmill

Community Photo Shoot at Dereham Windmill

We are always looking for supporters who would also like to see Dereham Windmill used once again. If you would like to help, you can either become a ‘Friend of the Windmill’ or, if you prefer, give in the form of a donation.

A Trustee – Is a person who is elected on an annual basis by the Friends to form with other Trustees a committee which will meet regularly to ensure the propriety and governance aspects of the Windmill Charity.

A Friend of the Windmill – A group of like-minded people who help by providing support and voluntary assistance to the Trustees as and when required. This support does not mean that you are obliged to volunteer for everything, in fact you can just join and keep up to date with how the charity is doing by the newsletters or friendly ‘get togethers’.

Become A Friend

Persons wishing to support the Dereham Windmill will be encouraged to become a Friend of Dereham Windmill (FODW) with the payment of an annual subscription of £12 for both individual and family applications.

It is intended that progress will be regularly highlighted in a variety of ways by email/newsletter/notice boards and where possible local media.

It is also hoped that in order to encourage both suitable fundraising for the project and develop a true supporter’s spirit amongst the Friends various activities will take place throughout the year in which Friends can take part and contribute to this worthwhile cause, if they wish.

We trust that your interest in FODW will result in your subscribing to become a Friend of Dereham Windmill.

Linda Heanue

Membership Secretary

Become A Friend Key Documents

2015 Membership Form (Gift Aid)

Gift Aid Agreement – 2014

Gift Aid Agreement – Single Donation